CORE is a Securities Litigation Monitoring and Settlement Recovery Platform that identifies securities cases filed or contemplated in the United States and worldwide.

CORE's team of experienced professionals monitor all global litigation recovery opportunities, and leverage CORE's state-of-the-art technology to push real-time case alerts and present aggregated securities litigation data on a single, streamlined dashboard.

Using CORE, clients can easily view the global securities litigation landscape and make actionable decisions regarding filing, participation and recovery.

CORE further provides deep insight into ongoing securities actions and settlements, arming clients with the necessary information to maximize recovery opportunities.


CORE tracks the development of every securities class action, provides real-time alerts of actionable events, and offers full access to relevant court documents.CORE's dashboard can be customized to focus on cases specific to a client's portfolio so that users can focus on what is important to them.Clients can now follow the complete lifecycle of a case, from inception to the final distribution in one place.

CORE currently tracks the following events:

  • New Filed Class Action (First Filed Complaint)
  • Any Additional Complaints
  • Approaching Lead Plaintiff Deadlines
  • Appointment of Lead Plaintiff(s)
  • Motion(s) to Dismiss Filings
  • Motion to Dismiss Rulings
  • Motion(s) For Class Certification
  • Preliminary Approval of Settlement(s)
  • Settlement Notice
  • Proof of Claim

CORE is supported by a team of experienced analysts and legal experts who analyze the data for accuracy and provide analysis where appropriate or requested.


CORE provides the necessary information and tools to streamline collection on class action settlements. The system provides timely information about upcoming settlements, relevant deadlines, access to important settlement documents such as proof of claim forms, and contact information for the relevant Claims Administrator handling the case. All the necessary data needed to collect on a securities case and maximize recovery is displayed on a single, easy to use, platform.

Customized options and enterprise level tools are available for institutional clients. CORE also offers customized solutions to handle the entire settlement collection process on behalf of clients.Our experienced team of developers, analysts, and legal professionals drive strategies to achieve industry-leading recoveries.