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Elon Musk's X Is Drowning In Adult Content, So Much That You Can't Scroll It In Public

Author: Benzinga Neuro | April 02, 2024 09:56pm

The social media network X, currently under the ownership of Elon Musk, is witnessing a disturbing surge in pornographic content. This excessive exposure to explicit material is causing considerable unease among its users.

What Happened: A Bloomberg report on Tuesday highlighted a spike in adult content on X, correlating it with the scaling down of content moderation by Musk. The magnitude of explicit content, including scams and promotions for OnlyFans, has reached a level that is causing users discomfort.

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X is reportedly considering ways to monetize adult content, but the risks tied to such content, including possible criminal activities, pose a significant concern.

Why It Matters: The pornographic content issue on X is not new. Mashable reported in March that X was testing an ‘adult content’ label for X-rated communities. However, concerns have been raised about the platform’s ability to protect minors from exposure to explicit content. A report in 2023 unveiled that teenagers as young as 12 were exposed to online pornography.

Furthermore, a Politico report in February 2024 criticized X and other platforms for failing to shield children from adult content. This surge in explicit content is not unique to X. Other platforms like Twitch have revised their sexual content policies after facing criticism.

Given these concerns, X must address these issues promptly to protect its users, maintain its reputation and tackle the rising concern about kids getting exposed to pornographic content.

Benzinga’s Take: While X, formerly known as Twitter, had a liberal approach towards adult content, the current inundation of explicit material and spam is reportedly unparalleled. The proliferation of porn spambots further aggravates the situation. It has become so populated with such videos that it’s risky to open the platform in public or at home.

While potentially revenue-generating, the explicit content could discourage users and advertisers, tarnishing the platform’s image. The removal of content moderation teams has reportedly amplified the pornographic content on X.

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Image source – Shutterstock

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