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American Airlines Relaxes Pet Policy, Now You Can Bring An Additional Item In The Cabin With Your Fur Baby

Author: Benzinga Neuro | April 02, 2024 10:25pm

American Airlines (NASDAQ:AAL) has announced a significant change in its pet policy, allowing passengers to bring a full-size carry-on along with their pet carrier.

What Happened: The airline’s new policy states that passengers can bring a pet carrier as a carry-on if they pay the carry-on pet fee and their pet remains in the carrier under the seat in front of them for the entire flight. They can also bring one additional item on board with their pet, such as a purse, small handbag, or a carry-on bag that meets the airline’s requirements, USA Today reported on Monday.

“On flights with American, you can bring one pet carrier as a carry-on if you pay the carry-on pet fee and your pet stays in the pet carrier and under the seat in front of you the entire flight,” says American Airlines on its website.

Previously, travelers with pets were only allowed to bring a small personal item that could fit under the seat. Large items, such as a carry-on, had to be checked for $35. Alternatively, pet owners could place their pets in the cargo hold if they wanted to bring a larger item on the flight.

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Despite the policy relaxation, the fees for bringing a pet on board remain at $150, as per the airline’s website. Pet strollers must also be checked in, and all checked bag fees apply.

Why It Matters: This new policy change by American Airlines comes amid a broader trend of airlines reevaluating their pet policies. In 2022, Singapore Airlines announced a ban on emotional support dogs in the cabin, effective from April 2023. This move was part of the airline’s revised pet policy.

Traveling with pets can be a significant source of stress for many passengers, especially during the holiday season.

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